Consilium Defined

Consilium Defined

Consilium n.

  1. Plan
  2. Purpose
  3. Wisdom
  4. Consultation
  5. Advice

Consilium delivers the expertise required to meet the needs of healthcare organizations and providers across the country. We have the industry experience necessary to be a vital partner and staffing solution to fight the challenging shortage of today’s healthcare workforce.

Our Icon

The logo of Consilium is distinctive and symbolic in many ways. Our logo is made up of three sets of three, which we intend to signify representation on multiple levels:

  • The three parties of our business: healthcare facilities, providers, and Consilium.
  • Our three-pronged approach to the business: recruiting consultants, client sales consultants, and account managers.
  • Our core values of "You are Consilium," "Count on Accountability," and "Seriously Fun."

Taken together the three sets are intended to collectively symbolize our fourth value which is “Gotta Have Faith.” This speaks to our faith-based approach to business and our belief in the Holy Trinity.

Furthermore, the Icon appears to be in motion. Constantly moving, rotating, and always getting stronger. That is an intentional representation of us as well: always moving, striving to get better with each revolution, constantly getting stronger.