Consilium Cares at Our Children's House in Dallas, TX

  • Monday, January 01, 0001

Consilium Staffing employees volunteered their time at Our Children's House at Baylor Healthcare System in Dallas as a part of the company's employee volunteer program, "Consilium Cares." This program embodies the company's core value of service and is designed to allow their employees the opportunity to volunteer once a quarter with various organizations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Our Children's House at Baylor Healthcare System is a licensed pediatric hospital where care is comprehensive and healing is fun. Children from infancy through age 18 receive care for developmental or birth disorders, traumatic injury and severe illness. Emily Turner, manager of marketing and volunteers at Our Children's House added, "that our mission is to provide family-centered, supportive, pediatric therapy services for children in need of special care."

During their time at Our Children's House, Consilium employees interacted with children and their families in the playroom with games and craft projects, worked with the staff to clean toys and the family-friendly courtyard. "The staff was excellent in engaging and really caring about each patient that was in our playroom. I was truly impressed with their willingness to dive in and help each patient and each family with anything that they needed," said Amanda Kaczmarek, Child Life Assistant at Our Children's House.

"Spending time with the children and families was a very rewarding experience. Whether it was playing basketball with the kids, pulling them around in a wagon or finger painting, the kids had a wonderful time and it was great to see them enjoy the afternoon. It took a very small investment of our time to spend an afternoon helping others that are in need," said Kyle Etter, Vice President of Account Management.

Tinley Treadway, a Senior Recruiting Consultant at Consilium who has volunteered with Our Children's House previously, said, "Giving back and making a difference in the world and more importantly someone's life, is the bottom line for me. Caring for others and making sure we can be a light to someone less fortunate is meaningful in this short life that we all live."

"We are thrilled that our employees have embraced our community service efforts with Consilium Cares," said Matthew Baade, Vice President at Consilium. He added that "our goal of providing service to more than just our clients, but also to our community has been a success and we look forward to our next Consilium Cares event."

The term, "locum tenens" is a Latin phrase that means to "hold the place of." Consilium Staffing assists hospitals, primary care offices, urgent care centers, correctional institutions, and other healthcare facilities, when those facilities are under-staffed by partnering with physicians, nurse practitioners, and/or physician assistants who are able to provide coverage on a temporary or contract basis.