Consilium Eases the Locum Tenens Process with DocuSign

  • Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Consilium Staffing partners with DocuSign, an e-signature company, further broadening their reach to physicians and facilities in the locum tenens industry. With the addition of DocuSign, executing a locum tenens opportunity is efficient in saving both time and money.

Three words sum up the DocuSign process, "Send, Sign and Save". Consilium Staffing will now be able to send documents to clients via DocuSign, a cloud-based electronic signature solution. Consilium will electronically send documents to clients, who in return, will need only apply an electronic signature to close the deal and expedite the locum tenens process. The documents are signed and sent with ease, saving time and money for all parties involved.

Matt Baade, Vice President at Consilium said, "Paperwork is one of the great headaches in the life of physicians and healthcare administrators. We know that. While we can't eliminate all of the paperwork, we can make it easier to complete – which is why we have made the move to electronic signature."

Since the company's inception, Consilium Staffing has consistently sought to create a more efficient and customer-friendly locum tenens process. With the launch of their interactive website, the release of their mobile website and now the addition of DocuSign, Consilium Staffing has advanced their quality of customer service to an even higher level.

"Providing the e-signature option with DocuSign has helped us further close the gap between our facilities and our physicians without compromising the need for information. This is a streamlined process that benefits all involved," added Baade.

Those apprehensive about signing documents electronically can learn more about the process by talking with a Consilium representative or by visiting the DocuSign. Those interested can also read about the laws supporting electronic signature.

The term, "locum tenens" is a Latin phrase that means to "hold the place of." Consilium Staffing assists hospitals, primary care offices, urgent care centers, correctional institutions, and other healthcare facilities, when those facilities are under-staffed by partnering with physicians, nurse practitioners, and/or physician assistants who are able to provide coverage on a temporary or contract basis.