Consilium Staffing Creates Psychiatry Team Driven by a Passion for Patient Care

  • Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Consilium Staffing has responded to the critical shortage of psychiatrists in the US by launching their Psychiatry team focused exclusively on locum tenens staffing for a variety of mental health practice settings. According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), there are approximately 50,000 psychiatrists in the United States - too few to serve those in need, especially in rural areas. Psychiatrists specialize in diagnosing, treating and preventing mental illness, including substance-abuse disorders.

The APA also noted that about half of currently practicing psychiatrists are over the age of 55, and many will soon retire. Amy Gentile, Vice President at Consilium Staffing, sees this as an opportunity for the locum tenens industry. "A growing number of psychiatrists nearing retirement age means there is a bigger pool of potential candidates to fill locum tenens positions. Psychiatry is such a cognitive specialty and locum tenens provides an excellent opportunity for retired physicians to keep using their skills while also helping a community in need."

Consilium's Psychiatry team is driven by more than just placing a doctor on assignment, there is passion for patient care and community outreach behind the business. "We are seeing such a high demand for permanent candidates in community health centers, county mental health facilities and correctional institutions where those placements often take a year or more to staff. Who is providing care in the meantime? Mental health issues, if left untreated, lead to physical problems, incarceration, homelessness and even death – it's imperative that patients are seen in a timely manner," Gentile said.

Gentile recognizes the social implications of providing access to quality mental health care. "By truly seeking to understand the needs of our clients, not just gathering a collection of facts, Consilium can provide a resource to these communities, otherwise inaccessible, that will truly make an impact in people's lives," Gentile said.

Consilium Staffing will continue to grow as the need for Locum Tenens assignments increases. "With the increasing shortage of physicians it is clear that Locum Tenens will be utilized as a source for staffing," said Genitle. Consilium has added a Hospital Team, a Primary Care Team and now a Psychiatry Team to meet this growing demand.

"Locum Tenens" is a Latin phrase meaning "to hold the place of." Consilium Staffing partners with hospitals, primary care offices, urgent care centers, correctional institutions and other healthcare facilities that may be understaffed or under-served by sourcing physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who are able to provide coverage on a temporary contract basis.