• Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's a "perfect storm." A combination of factors including an aging citizenry, an increase in retiring physicians, and 32 million Americans acquiring new access to healthcare, are creating perfect conditions for an unprecedented physician shortage. Recent statistics published by the Association of American Medical Colleges' Center for Workforce Studies indicate a shortage of 65,000 doctors in 2015 will expand to 91,500 in 2020, and to 130,600 in 2030.

According to Matt Baade, Vice President of Client Sales at Consilium Staffing, Consilium's new locum tenens, or temporary staffing website is the "perfect shelter" in a "perfect storm." The site,, is created as a partnership between medical facilities and providers, to produce the most affordable solutions to the growing shortage. Baade declares, "hospitals and other medical facilities are being stretched - both in terms of their budgets and their ability to maintain the physician coverage that they, and their patients, need. This new website addresses those issues by giving facilities access to the most cost-effective solutions available."

In the new medical staffing environment, having the ability to cover short-term staffing needs by finding qualified physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants, is important and even critical to maintaining standards of care.

In addition to becoming a valuable resource to medical facilities, the new website is also a one-stop site for physicians to research areas and facilities needing their services. For those providers interested in locum tenens work, the new website offers a view into this growing and needed facet of medical care. According to John Moberly, Vice President of Physician Recruitment, "For those providers who are new to the idea of locum tenens, this new website is a tremendous resource by offering a step by step perspective on what it means to work as a locum tenens provider." And for those who are already locums-experienced, the site offers a user-friendly way to discover new opportunities.

The site was developed using a collaborative team approach led by Web Developer Manager, Stephan Terrill. Terrill focused on addressing all client needs by utilizing input from every Consilium department in order to create a site that is as thorough as possible. The end result is an emphasis on customer service, something Matt Baade believes is a hallmark of Consilium Staffing's approach - "We pride ourselves on the high and personal level of customer service that we give our clients is another vehicle for us to continue to provide that high level of service."

The term, "locum tenens" is a Latin phrase that means to "hold the place of." Consilium Staffing is a staffing company delivering assistance to hospitals, primary care offices, urgent care centers and other facilities, when those facilities are short-staffed or when filling in for physician absences.