Locum Tenens for New Graduates

  • Saturday, March 31, 2012

With graduation dates just around the corner, and with new physicians entering the healthcare arena, Consilium Staffing is offering new graduates an incentive to consider locum tenens as a career option by awarding an iPad or Kindle to physicians who try locum tenens within a year of completion of a residency or fellowship program.

Kyle Etter, Vice President of Account Management at Consilium Staffing, said, "locum tenens offers new graduates a great way to start their career. It allows new physicians the opportunity to explore career options in different practice settings and different geographic locations before making any long-term commitments." Etter added, "many of the new graduates may not realize what a great option locum tenens can be, which is why we have launched this program."

Many times new graduates start out thinking that locums will be a good way to ease into their field, but they end up enjoying the experience to such an extent that it becomes a way of life. Etter said, "Many of the internal medicine graduates we have partnered with are working as hospitalists, solely on a locum tenens basis. Their main reasons for working locums are having the freedom and flexibility that it provides, as well as the competitive compensation."

The physician shortage in the United States is well known, and has shown few signs of relief. With this shortage the need for locum tenens has increased, making a career as a locum tenens physician a more appealing and viable option. The American Medical News recently suggested that 35,000 to 40,000 physicians work in a locum tenens position at any one time, though exact numbers are difficult to track because of the nature of the business. Such numbers create a snapshot of the need for physicians within the healthcare industry.

"The need for physicians is clearly there, but what physicians are discovering is that a career in locum tenens offers advantages that a traditional practice setting may not. Locum tenens positions give physicians more choices and allows them to focus on the practice of medicine as opposed to the business of medicine," said Etter.

Additional benefits of locum tenens include medical malpractice liability insurance, as well as possible financial assistance with licensing costs, two significant expenses to a new graduate who may be looking for a job independently. "From a financial perspective, locum tenens offers some great advantages, particularly to new doctors. Not only is the pay competitive, but by paying for malpractice insurance and assisting with licensing costs, we are able to alleviate some tremendous financial burdens. This allows new doctors to focus on the thing they spent years in training to do: practice medicine."

To be eligible for the iPad/Kindle incentive, a physician must complete four weeks of locum tenens through Consilium Staffing within one year of graduation from a residency or fellowship program. Full details of this new program can be found at our page for Resident Opportunities.

The term, "locum tenens" is a Latin phrase that means to "hold the place of." Consilium Staffing assists hospitals, primary care offices, urgent care centers, correctional institutions, and other healthcare facilities, when those facilities are under-staffed by partnering with physicians, nurse practitioners, and/or physician assistants who are able to provide coverage on a temporary or contract basis. Available locum tenens opportunities can be found at the Consilium Staffing home page.