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Client Frequently Asked Questions

Included below are several of the questions we are most frequently asked here at Consilium Staffing. We hope that the general information below is helpful, but we have always found that we best provide value through partnerships and our ability to tailor solutions to the needs of clients like you. So please, give us a call so that we can truly serve as Your Partner in Locum Tenens and provide the best possible answers to your questions.

Contact our office or call 877.536.4696 for a friendly reply to your inquiry.

  • Why should I choose Consilium Staffing?

    Experience. Our leadership team has as much industry experience as any group in the industry, and most importantly we know what to do with that experience. Perhaps most important though, is that these industry leaders are not content to do things the way things have always been done. Instead they draw on their experiences from within and outside the industry to create a better locum tenens experience for you: a service-oriented partnership which puts you first.

    Knowledge. We know locum tenens. Consilium has brought together veterans of the industry accumulating 30+ years of locums experience within Behavioral Health, 60+ years of locums experience in Primary Care, including hospital-based specialties, and 30+ years of experience working with Government Services (VAMC, military, etc.). Our risk management team is led by a former medical malpractice defense attorney, and a highly experienced individual who has spent time working in risk and credentialing departments for hospitals, physician group, and staffing firms. We know how the industry works, and we know how to make it work best for you. From Recruiting Consultants to Privileging Specialists, Consilium employees go through extensive training to ensure they have full knowledge of the locum tenens industry. We are not only available to assist in your job search, but also want to increase your knowledge of locum tenens along the way.

    Customer Service. Our entire locum tenens model is built on partnership and service. It is our pledge at Consilium that we will partner with you to understand exactly the type of position you are interested in, and work to the best of our abilities to find an opportunity that meets and exceeds your initial expectations. We are here to serve you as Your Partner in Locum Tenens.

    Honesty. It is in Consilium's best interests, as well as yours, for us to be honest and up front with you with the information we provide. All great relationships rely heavily on trusting one another, and this relationship should be no different.

  • What is Locum Tenens?

    Locum Tenens is a Latin phrase that means "to hold the place of." A Locum Tenens physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant provides medical services for a healthcare facility when they are short-staffed or filling in for a physician in their absence.

  • What type of providers do you work with?

    Consilium Staffing has providers available in nearly all physician specialties, as well as advanced practitioners such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

  • Who employs the provider?

    It is standard in the locum tenens industry that providers be considered independent contractors. As such, each provider is responsible for the payment of their own taxes. Additionally, Consilium does not engage in the practice of medicine and does not control the manner in which the providers perform their medical services. Your facility may provide some policy and procedural information with regard to the assignment. Normally, your facility will be responsible for determining schedules, hours worked, patients seen, and more, but each locum tenens provider is working as an independent contractor.

  • How much does it cost?

    Current bill rates differ by specialty, by state, and by provider. Therefore, we will work with you to establish a budget that fits within your parameters and yet still allows us the flexibility to find good qualified candidates.

  • Am I charged for you to look for a candidate?

    No, you are not charged to look at a provider's CV.

    Once a provider works for you, he/she will fill out a time-sheet which will need to be approved by someone at your facility and will then submitted to Consilium. We will then bill you for the time worked by the provider and we will take care of payment to the provider.

  • Do I have to sign a contract?

    We will work with you to get an agreement in place prior to submitting candidates to you. The agreement does not obligate you to work with Consilium, but lays the groundwork for us to work together now or in the future.

    We have a standard agreement that we typically use, but we are also comfortable working with an agreement authored by your organization. We strive to be as flexible as we can possibly be in setting up agreements.

  • Do you have providers in my area?

    We work with physicians and mid-level providers across the nation. While odds are that we have talked with and do have providers in your area, we believe there is more to our business than that. Our focus is on finding the best fit for your situation, and so telling you that we have providers in your area is simply not enough for us. We want to know exactly what you are looking for, and what works best for your situation so that we can tailor our search efforts and the presentation of candidates to your specific request.

  • Does Consilium Staffing offer Permanent Placement services?

    Consilium Staffing is a locum tenens staffing firm. We specialize in temporary opportunities for physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. That being said, many of the healthcare facilities we work with are utilizing locum tenens as a temporary solution until they can find a long-term, or “permanent” solution. Additionally, we are very knowledgeable about the physician staffing market, so we are able to serve as a tremendous resource for you as you consider longer-term options.

  • How do I get started?

    Call us toll free, at 877.536.4696, and ask to speak with the Client Sales Consultant for your area or send us your information on our Contact Us page.