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Since the first successful use of modern anesthesia in 1842, anesthesiologists have made it possible for patients to safely undergo necessary, often life-saving procedures. Whether you built your career around general anesthesiology or pediatric, orthopedic, obstetric, neurosurgical, or critical care subspecialties, your work has a real-world impact every day.

You lead the anesthesia care team to ensure the best possible outcomes for your patients—we believe you should receive an equivalent level of quality, specialized service throughout the locum tenens experience. We pair each of our anesthesiologists with one dedicated account manager and a team of specialists trained to coordinate your credentialing, travel and lodging, payroll, and anything else you might need along the way, day or night. Consilium is Your Partner in Locum Tenens: let us flip the script and put you first.

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Why Should I Choose Locum Tenens?

Locum tenens positions offer benefits for anesthesiologists in all career and life stages. If you are considering contract anesthesiology work, whether on a short- or long-term basis (or both!), consider some of the following advantages:

Locum tenens anesthesiologists can work extra shifts with fewer administrative burdens.

The burden of bureaucratic tasks consistently ranks as a leading cause of physician burnout. As a locum tenens provider, you have the freedom to see your patients without the added hassle of certain “red tape” obligations, such as:

  • Financial oversight
  • Personnel management
  • Contract negotiation

Locum tenens helps anesthesiologists achieve financial goals without disrupting your current position.

Locum tenens allows you to achieve your desired compensation without leaving a personally fulfilling work situation. Anesthesiologists consistently rank among the top five highest-paid locums physicians, and many of our opportunities will allow you to work on either a part-time or PRN basis.

Locum tenens can help you:

  • Save for a specific goal, such as retirement, buying a house, starting your own practice, or paying medical school loans
  • Earn extra money without affecting your current work situation
  • Travel the country (on our dime—seriously) while you treat patients: we cover all your travel and lodging expenses

Locum tenens anesthesiologists enjoy greater scheduling freedom and flexibility.

Consilium is committed to providing opportunities that fit your lifestyle and professional goals. Our anesthesiology positions offer a variety of schedules, including:

  • Strictly as-needed, on-call coverage
  • 7-on/7-off schedules, depending on specialty
  • More traditional full-time schedules (9 a.m.—5 p.m.) with no on-call coverage
  • 3-4 weekly shifts with clinic, in-house call, and off-premise/on-call coverage
  • 1-2 shifts per week, a few shifts per month, or any other arrangement that fits your schedule

Ready to learn how Your Partner in Locum Tenens can improve your work-life balance and help you achieve your financial goals? Give us a call—we’ll get right to work finding your ideal locums opportunity.