Locum Tenens Physician Testimonials

Locum Tenens Physician Testimonials

  I chose Consilium Staffing because it provided an excellent job opportunity. The staff was very helpful in getting all the required paperwork and completing the credentialling process in a timely fashion.

I would recommend Consilium Staffing to others because of their extensive knowledge of the locum tenens job market and the professionalism of the entire staff.

Compared to other agencies, Consilium Staffing showed excellent customer service, answered and solved all the pending issues to my complete satisfaction.  

General Practice Physician, Dallas TX

  I have enjoyed getting to know you and the other professionals at Consilium Staffing locums tenens company.

You and your colleagues have all provided excellent, courteous and kind service. You and your colleagues have aggressively sought out assignments tailored to my professional strengths and personal preferences.  

Family Practice Physician, Georgia

  I've had a wonderful experience working with Consilium Staffing. Most of the time when I receive calls or emails from locums companies, I just ignore them. However, the friendliness of my recruiter got me interested in this company. Everyone I dealt with was extremely friendly, personable, and professional.

Additionally, I really enjoyed the site where I worked. I would definitely recommend Consilium Staffing to any other healthcare provider looking for locum tenens for all of these above reasons.  

Physician Assistant, Florida

  I chose to work with Consilium Staffing, because I felt they had a good program. There were lots of different assignment choices to choose from.

They are very supportive of their physicians and are perceptive to their needs. Consilium Staffing is always honest about what they say and what they do. I never have any doubt about how much I'll get paid and when I will receive payment. The financials are always handled openly and appropriately.

Consilium Staffing has exceeded my expectations by showing me a great amount of support throughout my assignment. Their honesty and the financial clarity have exceeded my expectations.  

General Practice Physician, New York

  I would recommend Consilium based on their overall efficiency, follow-through, and friendly staff.

Our representative demonstrated a high level of commitment and dedication to our particular search, which unfortunately, is rarely found when working with most Locum agencies.  

Urgent Care Clinic, Texas

  I've been working with Consilium for a few months now. Their professionalism and customer service are outstanding. They are accessible when I have questions and timely with their responses. The candidates presented have been top notch and well received in our facilities. I would definitely recommend Consilium!  

Community Health Center, South Carolina