Consilium—Your Partner in Locum Tenens

Whether you specialize in general, orthopedic, gynecologic, or neurologic surgery, the fact remains that surgeons like you change—and save—lives every day. Surgeons must be able to think on their feet, quickly and confidently make decisions, and courageously take responsibility for patients’ lives—we believe those are the only details you should have to worry about during your locum tenens experience.

That’s why Consilium pairs each of our surgeons with one dedicated account manager and a team of specialists trained to coordinate your credentialing, travel and lodging, payroll, and anything else you might need along the way, day or night. Consilium is Your Partner in Locum Tenens: let us flip the script and put you first.

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Why Should I Choose Locum Tenens?

Locum tenens positions offer benefits for surgeons in all career and life stages. If you are considering working on a contract basis, whether short- or long-term (or both!), consider some of the following advantages:

Locum tenens provides surgeons with greater flexibility and variety in schedule, location, and practice setting.

Surgeons are highly skilled specialists, but before you are a physician, you are an individual. Locum tenens work allows you to adjust your work schedule to fit your current needs and achieve your best work-life balance.

  • Suffering from burnout, or just unhappy in your current position? Locum tenens provides a way to reduce your work hours or work part-time during your search for a permanent position—or if you prefer, locums also is a great option for full-time work.
  • Unsure which geographic location or practice setting will be your best fit? Locum tenens allows you to continue practicing medicine while getting insider experience in a variety of medical settings.
  • Recently started a family or experienced a change in your childcare arrangement? Locum tenens gives you the flexibility to plan work around life, so you can be where you most need to be at any given time.
  • In the later stages of your career and ready to work less (but not fully retire)? Locum tenens can help you taper down your work obligations and travel the country without sacrificing your passion for your patients.

Locum tenens lets surgeons treat patients who most need care.

Most physicians entered the medical field because they are passionate about helping people in need. Consilium arranges and finances all travel and lodging, so surgeons can provide care in underserved areas that have few or even no surgical specialists available—without having to move across the country or leave your current practice.

Locum tenens helps surgeons achieve financial goals without disrupting your current position.

Locum tenens can be a great fit for any surgeon’s preferences, but what if you are already happy with your work arrangement? While we do pair many surgeons with full-time positions, we also can connect you with part-time or PRN opportunities. Simply put, Consilium provides you with extra shifts so you can obtain your desired compensation—without having to leave a job you love.

Locum tenens can help surgeons:

  • Save for a specific goal, such as retirement, buying a house, starting your own practice, or paying medical school loans
  • Earn extra money without affecting your current work situation
  • Travel the country (on our dime—seriously) while you treat patients: we cover all your travel and lodging expenses