Your Partner in Locum Tenens

We find physicians

Now more than ever, healthcare facilities are feeling the effects of the physician shortage. Consilium Staffing is Your Partner in Locum Tenens, providing doctors and advanced practitioners across the country to help staff hospitals and practices facing this demand.

We offer a reliable solution when you need coverage for any reason such as:

  • Filling the gap while searching for a permanent provider
  • Leaves of absence
  • Vacation
  • Peak times throughout the year

Healthcare administration is a challenging role, and physician recruitment is an important function of that role. We know you face challenges such as out of pocket recruiting expenses, lost revenue, and potential burnout of your existing physician staff as they try to absorb the difference while your deficit persists.

Physician recruiting can also be extremely time consuming and become more and more costly the longer a need is left unfilled. It makes sense to partner with expertise in such a competitive market. Your recruiting responsibilities carry a heavy impact. That’s why we’re here. So that you are free to focus on other means of driving revenue and doing what is most important for your facility – caring for your patients.

With Consilium, you are placing your trust with a team of individuals who have experience and a passion to serve.