Consilium Shines Spotlight on Mental Health

Throughout the month of May, Consilium Staffing dedicated its efforts to raising awareness for mental health. By organizing a series of engaging events, Consilium not only benefited its team members but also made a significant contribution to Dallas philanthropy. Vogel Alcove, an organization dedicated to assisting young children in overcoming the enduring and distressing impacts of homelessness, was the beneficiary of these endeavors. In an effort to make a significant impact, Consilium hosted three events: a raffle, a silent auction, and a charity golf tournament. These funds were exclusively raised to support Vogel Alcove’s Behavioral Health Program, facilitating the procurement of vital items indispensable for their therapy initiatives catering to both adults and children.

Raising Donations Through Raffles, Auctions, and Golf

To ensure the success of the raffle and silent auction, Consilium partnered with several generous organizations. Donated items poured in from partners such as Firehouse Subs, Burleson Honda, Rahr & Sons Brewing Company, Highlands Performance Golf, Golftec, Fooda, Accessory Concierge, Coppell ER, SMU Cox School of Business, Spiffy, Ifratelli and Kendra Scott. From luxurious spa baskets and exquisite jewelry to exciting pizza parties and even a coveted covered parking spot, the donated items created a sense of friendly competition among the participants. Shea Frers expressed her delight, saying, “This event was so much fun! I was very impressed to see how many items were donated, and I’m so proud of how much the Consilium team was able to raise. It’s always fun to see everyone’s competitive spirit, especially for such a deserving cause.”

The highlight of the month was the inaugural Consilium Classic Charity Golf Tournament, which saw the participation of 32 golfers divided into eight teams, along with four caddies and a dedicated logistics crew. As the tournament unfolded, participants eagerly vied for trophies celebrating the best score and the closest shot to the hole. In a light-hearted twist, the team that came in last was gifted with plastic toy golf sets, bringing smiles and laughter to all involved. Dareon Albers, one of the participants, expressed their excitement and sense of purpose, stating, “Being a part of a company that holds an event focused on making an impact in our communities, which is what we strive to do every day, made the Consilium Classic exciting and purposeful. I can’t wait to do it again.”

Heartfelt Giving and Touching Moments

The spirit of giving back resonated with Molly Dolezel, who shared her sentiment, “Giving back is one of my favorite things about being a part of Consilium! Having a great time with coworkers while helping others in my community is one of the best feelings.” These sentiments were echoed by Jennifer Pruitt, who expressed gratitude to all the partners and team members involved, emphasizing the positive impact on the children at Vogel Alcove. “Everyone came together to make these events successful, allowing us to make a great donation to the Behavioral Health team at Vogel and bring more awareness to mental health,” Jennifer stated.

A truly touching experience awaited the Consilium team when they visited Vogel Alcove to present their donation. The company’s DVP of Behavioral Health & Partner, Amy Gentile, shared her heartfelt experience, saying, “Going to Vogel to give them our donation was very moving for me and provided an extreme amount of insight into whom we touch. It gave a human element to the projects we’ve done with them, including bye-bye snack bags, swimsuit collection, raffle/auction, and golf tournament. Those sweet faces are in such need physically, emotionally & spiritually. Without people like those willing to give, they won’t get what they need at a critical time in their lives. I left there wishing I could take every pain away and give them every ounce of food, amenity, and toy they could ever need.”

Empowering Minds: Stress Management Initiatives

As the month progressed, Consilium continued its commitment to mental health awareness by organizing internal lunch-n-learn sessions on stress management. Alongside Mrs. Gentile, the company’s Vice President of Professional Development, Mike Danchak, spearheaded these sessions, which covered a range of topics, from science-based studies to in-depth coping strategies. Participants gained valuable insights into the impact of chronic stress on various aspects of health, including high blood pressure, depression, mood swings, impaired immune systems, and binge eating. Mr. Danchak emphasized the importance of managing distorted thinking and developing healthy coping skills. To further support employees, Consilium also provided access to local, state, and national mental health resources.

Ella Thompson, one of the participants, expressed her appreciation for Consilium’s efforts, stating, “I love that Consilium provided a Stress Management class during Mental Health Awareness Month. I’ve already found myself implementing the tools that were provided to us and connecting with my peers on what strategies they have found to be the most beneficial. I can’t wait for more classes like this in the future!”

United for Mental Health Impact

The dedication of Consilium Staffing team members to mental health awareness in May exhibited their resolute commitment to making a positive impact in the community. Through their collective efforts in organizing engaging events and providing support to Vogel Alcove’s Behavioral Health Program, Consilium’s team members exemplified the extraordinary power of teamwork and the power it has in making progress for the welfare of communities everywhere. Through these efforts, Consilium raised vital funds and brought awareness to the importance of mental health while fostering a supportive and compassionate work environment. With a strong foundation of values, Consilium’s employees continue to set an example for others to follow in the realm of corporate social responsibility.

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