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Consilium works with a variety of providers.


Launch or advance your career in general anesthesiology or a subspecialty, such as pediatric, orthopedic, obstetric, neurosurgical, or critical care.

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Make a significant difference in patient health and longevity with locum tenens assignments in cardiology.

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Certified registered nurse anesthesiologists are in demand all around the nation. Find opportunities to advance your career with locum tenens.

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Locum tenens opens the door to a variety of exciting opportunities in dentistry. Start your job search today.

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Apply for career-making locum tenens assignments in gastroenterology. Get started with Consilium today.

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Internal Medicine

Whether you’ve just completed residency or looking for the next chapter in a storied career, Consilium places internal medicine physicians in locum tenens positions in a variety of settings.

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Consilium streamlines the job search process for locums opportunities in neurology.

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Nurse Practitioner

As you focus on the health and well-being of patients, we’re here to help you find the right locums assignments for your career path.

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Make a difference in the lives of patients all around the U.S. with locum tenens assignments in obstetrics and gynecology.

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Positively impact patient lives by working where you’re needed the most. Get started with locum assignments in oncology.

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Pediatrics presents an array of opportunities to assist young patients. Take your career to the next level with locums assignments.

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Psychiatry is one of the most in-demand locums professions, and Consilium is helping to meet the mental health needs of communities all over the United States.

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The need for talented surgeons continues to rise. If you’re a general surgeon, or practicing orthopedic, neurologic, and gynecologic surgery, locums assignments are available all around the nation for your specific skills.

The best part about Consilium is that I always feel like I’m somehow the only physician they’re working with. At some point I started wondering, ‘How can they actually give this kind of individualized care to every physician?” Every interaction feels respectful and genuine, and I really appreciate that.

Personally, I have very specific financial goals. Locum tenens allows me freedom and flexibility while also providing me with an avenue to meet those goals. Locum work is also a really great way to keep your skills up and prevent gaps on your medical resume, which is important if you plan on applying for a permanent hospitalist position at some point.

While I was working traditional internal medicine prior to becoming a hospitalist, I ended up going between three different hospitals—it was just too much. Locum tenens has allowed me to achieve my desired compensation while working in hospital settings that I enjoy and am comfortable with.

I tell you what, the best part for me is getting to travel! After that, I would say that one of the most rewarding parts is the challenge of going to a new facility and navigating that terrain. It’s really a rush to go into a new territory, figure out what’s going on, and become a legitimate, trusted part of that team.

My recruiters have really made me feel like Consilium considers me as part of the team. I really appreciate that. They make me feel like my work is valued, as if they’re saying, ‘You’re one of us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.

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Why should I choose Consilium Staffing?

Our level of service sets us apart. Our recruiters are specialty-focused, ensuring you work with professionals who have specific knowledge about the medical practice and location.

What is Locum Tenens?

Locum tenens, a Latin phrase meaning “to hold the place of,” is the temporary placement of providers that helps to ensure the continuity of care at the facility. Assignments can last a day, week, month, or longer. Locum tenens gives physicians and advanced practice providers a flexible, customized way to meet their income and career goals. Locums staffing also provides facilities with a flexible solution to mitigating provider shortages.

Do you work with all physician specialties?

Consilium works with nearly all physician specialties. We tailor our search to your specific needs.

Do you work with mid-level providers?

Yes. Consilium works with many different mid-levels, including nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

What type of commitment do I need to give to Consilium?

We believe that Consilium offers you the best opportunity for success in finding your ideal assignments. Working with Consilium doesn’t limit you from working with another firm, nor are you held to a required length of commitment. One of the advantages of locum tenens is that it allows providers like you to choose a flexible schedule that works best with your availability. Consilium is dedicated to finding the position that’s right for you. Until we’ve found the right position for you, you’re under no obligation to pass up another opportunity that may come from another source.

How do I get started?

Call us toll free, at 877.536.4696, and ask to speak with a Physician Recruiting Consultant or send us your information on our Contact Us page.

Does Consilium Staffing offer permanent placement opportunities?

Consilium Staffing is a locum tenens staffing firm. We specialize in temporary opportunities for physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. That being said, many of the healthcare facilities we work with are utilizing locum tenens as a temporary solution until they can find a long-term, or “permanent” solution. Additionally, we are very knowledgeable about the physician staffing market, so we are able to serve as a tremendous resource for you as you consider longer-term options.

As a locum tenens provider, am I employed by Consilium Staffing, the facility, or am I an independent contractor?

It is standard in the locum tenens industry that providers be considered independent contractors. That means that you would not be an employee of Consilium or any facility at which you work on a locum tenens basis. As such, each provider is responsible for the payment of their own taxes. Additionally, Consilium does not engage in the practice of medicine and does not control the manner in which the providers perform their medical services. Facility representatives may provide some policy and procedural information with regard to that specific facility, but neither Consilium nor the facility exercise control over how you, as a locum provider, practice medicine. The facility will be responsible for determining your schedule, hours worked, patients seen, and more, but each locum tenens provider is working as an independent contractor.

How will it look on my CV if I choose to work locum tenens?

Your CV will look great! Locum tenens coverage demonstrates to facilities your ability to adapt quickly to new clinical settings, which actually serves to strengthen your resume. Even if it’s a short-term plan while you search for a permanent position, locum tenens assignments reflect your dedication to providing quality coverage to patients and communities in need. What healthcare facility wouldn’t be interested in that?

What are some reasons that a facility would need to use a locum tenens provider?

There are many reasons why facilities maybe short staffed and have a need for locum tenens coverage. In many cases, a facility will utilize locum tenens because of vacancies due to recruiting for permanent providers. These facilities will use locums to bridge the gap until they hire a permanent candidate or to supplement their own recruiting efforts. Other common scenarios include: maternity leave, vacation coverage and medical leave, expansion of services, or a need to meet patient demands during peak seasons. Locum tenens is a necessity to maintain patient care any time a provider is absent.


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Communities needs were met by the selfless acts of front line providers around the country.


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4P’s of the Provider Process.

Consilium Staffing’s unique 4-step methodology is a simple step-by-step process that provides you with ongoing consultation from start to finish.

1. Petition

Initial consultation, application process, opportunity selection, and interviewing.

2. Prepare

Licensing, Credentialing, Malpractice, and Travel Arrangements.

3. Provide

On the job resources. 24/7 Availability.

4. Partner

Continuing with Consilium Staffing, Your Partner in Locum Tenens.

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The IMLC gives you freedom to travel and work where you want.

Consilium Staffing supports the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) and will work tirelessly at obtaining licensure outside of a providers state of principal licensure.

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