Consilium Partners With Feed My Starving Children

Consilium, an Irving, Texas-based locum tenens firm, recently collaborated with Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) in Richardson, Texas, through its charitable organization, Consilium Cares. The service project focused on packing nutritious meals for children in need, aligning with FMSC’s mission to combat global hunger.

During this service project, Consilium staff, along with several of their family members, were trained in assembling meal packets using raw ingredients. The effort culminated in the packing of 87 boxes, translating to 18,792 meals, destined for Haiti. This contribution by the Consilium team is projected to feed 51 Haitian children for one year, representing a financial equivalent of $5,449.68.

Participant Jake Raper commented, “It was a great experience. Not only were we able to help feed children all over the world, but it was also a time to bond with teammates and my children who were there to help. It gave them a new perspective on how lucky we are and they felt grateful for the opportunity to serve others.” Nick Homberg reflected on the event, noting, “It’s always great helping underserved communities, and ‘Feed My Starving Children’ did a great job explaining exactly what communities we were helping feed and how many kids we were able to help.”

The collaboration between Consilium and FMSC in Richardson demonstrated a successful volunteer effort aimed at addressing the needs of children globally. Our partnership with FMSC exemplifies one of our core company values, ”Servant Spirit.” At Consilium, we believe in going beyond the call of duty to serve others, and through initiatives like Consilium Cares, we can bring this philosophy to life.

Consilium Cares is not just a program—it’s our way of embedding the “Servant Spirit” into everything we do. By supporting projects that align with our mission to uplift communities and help those in need, we can make a tangible difference in the world. It’s through these acts of service that we demonstrate our commitment to this value, fostering a culture of generosity and compassion within and beyond our organization.

For more information about Feed My Starving Children and opportunities to contribute, visit

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