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How Does Locum Tenens Pay Work?

For physicians seeking a unique career path that offers both professional autonomy and financial rewards, locum tenens positions present a compelling opportunity. Beyond the flexibility and diverse experiences that come with temporary assignments, understanding the intricacies of locum tenens pay can help physicians determine if locums is right for them and optimize financial benefits. Exploring the appeal of locum tenens...

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Is the Future of Anesthesiology (for MD/DO Physicians) Dead?

The above question has been at the forefront of the minds of many anesthesiologists and CRNAs in the United States for a few years now. In 2021, a Wisconsin hospital was making headlines for its decision to “replace all anesthesiologists with CRNAs.” This event sparked debates and speculations about the future of anesthesiology for MD/DO physicians. However, a nuanced examination...

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Charting Your Course in Locum Tenens

Choosing to work independently as a medical practitioner outside of a typical permanent placement can seem very daunting. Locum tenens staffing agencies exist to help you navigate the job market and streamline the process of starting assignments. Here are five steps to start a locum tenens career. Step 1: Obtain Medical Licenses One of the primary considerations for medical practitioners...

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Use a Staffing Agency for Your Next Job Search

Working as an independent contractor and finding the perfect job opportunity can seem like a challenging task when looking from the outside in. But actually, many medical practitioners find that working independently is extremely rewarding. The key to finding fulfilling and successful locum assignments lies in partnering with the right staffing agency. From drawing insights shared through the experiences of...

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Try Locum Tenens in 2024: Top In-Demand Specialties

Reflecting on the landscape of healthcare over the past 12 months has revealed several projections for the locum tenens industry in the coming year. According to Consilium Staffing's "Locum Tenens in Healthcare Organizations" Survey for 2023, there are several medical specialties that stand out as top in-demand fields. If you fall under one of these specialties, it might be worth...

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