Beyond the Bracket: Consilium’s Competitive Compassion

In my relatively short tenure at Consilium, I’ve observed two standout characteristics that make our culture unique above any other organization I’ve been a part of. First off, the Consilium team is about as giving as they come think Santa Claus, but 12 months out of the year. Then there’s the competitive streak. And not just your garden-variety, ‘may the best man win’ kind — I’m talking about ‘Game of Thrones’ level competitiveness. Mix those two, and what do you get? A ruthless March Madness basketball tournament to raise money for the DFW Humane Society.

This exhilarating effort all started at the beginning of March when employees of Consilium had the chance to pull together their own basketball teams. Each group selected their own team name, colors, and jersey design. The first couple of weeks before the event involved lots of back-and-forth banter and funny email threads, with many participants scheming to take out the team of DVPs at the outset of the tournament. Who would win? The Consilium Crazies, the 808s & Fastbreaks, the Top Shots, the Rockets, or the Purple Cobras?

On the day of the tournament, the atmosphere was electric, with each team sporting their jerseys and vibrant colors, fans cheering with pompoms in hand, and a play-by-play MC/DJ who kept the energy high and the crowd engaged. Each team played in three-on-three matchups down to one final winner, the Rockets.

The true essence of the event’s success was measured not just by the thrill of the March Madness bracket or the Rockets’ victory but by the significant impact it had on a cause close to many hearts. The event raised $850 for animal welfare needs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Colin Maynor, one of the participants, captured the sentiment perfectly, expressing, “It was a joy to take part in such a fun event for a great cause!” Another participant, Haya Malkawi, one of the winners from the Rockets put it simply, “Playing in a company-wide March Madness to help our furry friends in DFW is a no-brainer!”

As the final buzzer sounds on yet another slam-dunk Consilium charity event, it’s clear that this is just one chapter in a long and lively story of giving back with a grin. Jake Rehfuss, another member of the Rockets, sums it up perfectly, “Consilium knows how to have fun while still giving back. The annual golf tournament and the basketball tournament are great ways to have some fun while donating money to local organizations.” And he’s right—around here, charity is more than just raising money. It’s about bringing people together, stirring up a little friendly competition, and making a difference, all with a smile on our faces. So, what’s next for Consilium Cares? One thing’s for sure: it’ll be a good time for a great cause.

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