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By embracing the role of a locum tenens physician, you unlock a realm of freedom and flexibility. You have the autonomy to determine your own schedule, select the locations where you practice, and liberate yourself from financial concerns associated with running your own practice. 

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Understanding Locum Earning Potential

The average income for locum anesthesiologists who exclusively engage in independent locum practice stands at $378,863 annually, though this figure can fluctuate for a variety of reasons. It's important to note that this average pertains specifically to those who commit to locum work as their primary mode of practice, rather than individuals who undertake locum assignments sporadically alongside permanent positions. For locum tenens physicians, income potential often surpasses that of their permanently employed peers, but this advantage varies widely. Factors influencing income disparities include the individual's experience, chosen work schedule (whether part-time or full-time), the demand for their specialty in certain regions, and other pertinent considerations.

*This data represents an aggregation of salary statistics derived from four authoritative sources: the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ZipRecruiter,, and Indeed. Each source is recognized for its reliability and comprehensive coverage of employment data.

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Job ID: JN -042024-16907

Setting: Inpatient

Length: Ongoing

On Call: No

Schedule: Full-Time – Part-Time

Degree: CRNA


Job ID: JN -052024-17170

Setting: Outpatient

Length: Ongoing

On Call: Possible

Schedule: Full-Time – Part-Time

Degree: CRNA

New York

Job ID: JN -052024-17156

Setting: Inpatient

Length: Ongoing

On Call: Possible

Schedule: Full-Time – Part-Time

Degree: CRNA

Benefits of Working as a Locum Anesthesiologist

Experience Diverse Environments

Taking on a variety of work assignments not only allows anesthesiologists to explore different practice settings and subspecialties, but the skills and knowledge acquired helps them build a quality CV.

Be Flexible

Working exclusively as a locum tenens practitioner means you have control over your working hours, your workplace location, and the type of facility or setting in which you wish to work.

Meaningful Work

By stepping away from the conventional bounds of permanent employment, many locum anesthesiologists find themselves liberated to focus on the aspects of the job they love the most. The absence of office politics and administrative duties allows for a more patient-driven purpose and meaning to their work.

Supplement Income

Many of our anesthesiologists use locum tenens as a way to supplement their primary income. Why? It’s a great tool for saving extra money for retirement, paying for trips, knocking out student loans and so much more.

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Your First 5 Steps
Charting Your Course in Locum Tenens

Choosing to work independently as an anesthesiologist outside of a typical permanent placement can seem very daunting. Locum tenens staffing agencies exist to help you navigate the job market and streamline the process of starting anesthesia assignments. Here are five steps to start a locum tenens career.

One of the primary considerations for anesthesiologists pursuing locum tenens opportunities is securing state licenses. The application processes and approval times can vary significantly, ranging from weeks to several months. To expedite the process, take advantage of the Medical License Compact, which simplifies licensing in certain states. Ensure you meet all state requirements to avoid unnecessary delays in your locums career.

Partnering with a reputable locum tenens agency that can make all the difference in your locum tenens journey. These agencies are well-versed in connecting anesthesiologists with exciting job opportunities, handling credentialing and paperwork specific to anesthesia practice, and sometimes covering state licensure costs.

Take your time to research different agencies that offer locum tenens positions for anesthesiologists. Working with a niche agency can be helpful, but it’ s not required to find great placements. Consider factors like setting, supported states, and the agency’s reputation for placing anesthesiologists. Finding the right fit will set you on the path to a successful locum tenens assignment in anesthesia.

Understanding your career goals and lifestyle preferences will help in choosing your ideal practice setting. Whether you prefer working in academic medical centers, ambulatory surgical centers, or other healthcare facilities, communicating your preferences to the locum tenens agency is essential. Additionally, consider your comfort level with different anesthesia subspecialties and share these details with your locum tenens recruiter.

Another detail to share with your locums recruiter is your preference of schedule. Are you looking for a full-time position or looking to take on extra work outside of your permanent job?

Once you’ve selected the perfect agency, it’s time to apply for locum positions. Prepare a comprehensive CV that highlights your qualifications, licenses, certifications, and references, emphasizing your anesthesia expertise. During the application process, be ready to discuss your availability, compensation expectations, and preferred practice settings. Include the type of surgeries or procedures you are experienced in. A strong CV and help from locum tenens agencies increase your chances of getting the assignments you want.

Before you embark on your locum tenens adventure, it’s essential to gather relevant information about the position and facility from your agency. Additionally, conduct your own research on the local culture, transportation options, and customs to ensure a seamless transition. Properly plan ahead and gather all necessary equipment and supplies, especially for remote assignments. By being well-prepared, you can make the most of your locum tenens assignment, enjoying rewarding experiences and flexibility.

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