An Effective Process for Staffing Your Healthcare Facility

Clearly Rated, Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), and others recognize Consilium as a premier agency in the locum tenens industry, providing top-tier staffing services. The achievements of our staffing agency are a direct result of our commitment to clear communication, operational efficiency, and the exceptional caliber of our candidates. These qualities are byproducts of our three-desk model, a system we’ve practiced to help our clients maintain continuity of quality care in their healthcare facilities.

The Essence of the Three-Desk Model

A diagram of Consilium's 3 Desk Model

Understanding Your Needs

The starting point for our clients is when they contact one of our client consultants. They are dedicated to gathering detailed information about your healthcare facility and the existing or upcoming staffing needs you require. They will ask about your location, the patient volume, your budget, and the full scope of what your requirements and goals are.

Our consultants are trained to identify these essential details and ensure every aspect of your staffing needs is fully understood. The in-depth consultation sets the foundation for developing a strategy for your success.

Seamless Integration

Following the consultation, an account manager will take charge of your needs moving forward. The account manager is the bridge between your facility and the candidate. They facilitate a seamless transition, overseeing all aspects from the interview process to the detailed requirements of credentialing and privileging. Their role is critical in preparing your chosen candidate to integrate into your community, making sure they’re ready to provide the highest level of care from day one.

Curating the Best Talent

Once the account manager is updated on your staffing needs and has established a plan for your success, they will begin working with our recruitment specialists. This is the phase where our expertise truly comes to the forefront. Our recruiters are aligned by both specialty and region. They understand the intricacies of certain specialties and the state and local requirements associated with those specialties.

They’re not just looking for qualifications; they’re seeking providers who embody the top-tier standards Consilium is known for. The result? A carefully curated pool of candidates, ready and equipped to meet the demands of your facility.

Beyond Placement: A Partnership for the Future

Our commitment to you doesn’t end with placement. A partnership with Consilium in healthcare staffing means we’re ready to support your ongoing and future needs. Our account managers continue to be your point of contact so there are open lines of communication and readiness to assist whenever the need arises.

The Consilium Difference

What truly distinguishes the Consilium three-desk model isn’t just its efficiency or the quality of candidates it delivers; it’s the underlying commitment to partnership and communication. In an industry where needs can change rapidly, having a steadfast partner like Consilium can make all the difference. Our model is designed not just to fill positions but to build lasting relationships, ensuring that your staffing needs are met today, tomorrow, and beyond.

The three-desk model is more than a process; it’s a promise. A promise of quality, efficiency, and partnership. Consilium’s approach is focused on people and places—not just placements. That’s the Consilium difference, and it’s what makes us a leader in locum tenens staffing.

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