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See the Consilium Staffing Best of Staffing ratings on ClearlyRated. See the Consilium Staffing Best of Staffing ratings on ClearlyRated. Top 100 Companies to Work For Dallas Morning News.

Consilium works with a variety of specialties.


Launch or advance your career in general anesthesiology or a subspecialty, such as pediatric, orthopedic, obstetric, neurosurgical, or critical care.

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Make a significant difference in patient health and longevity with locum tenens assignments in cardiology.

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Certified registered nurse anesthesiologists are in demand all around the nation. Find opportunities to advance your career with locum tenens.

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Locum tenens opens the door to a variety of exciting opportunities in dentistry. Start your job search today.

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Apply for career-making locum tenens assignments in gastroenterology. Get started with Consilium today.

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Internal Medicine

Whether you’ve just completed residency or looking for the next chapter in a storied career, Consilium places internal medicine physicians in locum tenens positions in a variety of settings.

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Consilium streamlines the job search process for locums opportunities in neurology.

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Nurse Practitioner

As you focus on the health and well-being of patients, we’re here to help you find the right locums assignments for your career path.

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Make a difference in the lives of patients all around the U.S. with locum tenens assignments in obstetrics and gynecology.

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Positively impact patient lives by working where you’re needed the most. Get started with locum assignments in oncology.

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Pediatrics presents an array of opportunities to assist young patients. Take your career to the next level with locums assignments.

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Psychiatry is one of the most in-demand locums professions, and Consilium is helping to meet the mental health needs of communities all over the United States.

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The need for talented surgeons continues to rise. If you’re a general surgeon, or practicing orthopedic, neurologic, and gynecologic surgery, locums assignments are available all around the nation for your specific skills.

We work with Consilium because you find providers quickly, your credentialing department is great, and you don’t try to convince us to bring in specialists we don’t need. We’re spread across three counties, so when I can’t get out to short-staffed clinic, it’s a relief knowing we’ve got a quality doctor seeing our patients.

We are so pleased with the service we received from my consultant and everyone else at Consilium. You met a real need at our hospital! After you helped us staff our emergency room with quality NPs, we were finally able to free up our physicians during clinic hours.

Everyone at Consilium provides such excellent customer service. They are very responsive, and even though they placed a fantastic physician with us (and almost immediately!), they continue to check in to ensure I have everything I need.

I originally chose to work with Consilium after several associate recommendations, but it was clear upon speaking with my consultant that he would do whatever it took to find staff that truly met our needs.

My experience with Consilium has been top-notch — I could not ask for this process to have gone any more smoothly. The physician you matched us with does a really great job and our patients love her.

The early years
for Consilium Staffing


Consilium was founded by six healthcare staffing industry leaders, who until a chance meeting between two of the individuals, were all headed in different directions. Four of the members had left the industry altogether: one running his own consultancy, another practicing law, and two more running an investment office. Another was still in the industry, but then looking to make a career change; and the last was toiling away in her current position searching for a better purpose.

The chance meeting between two of the founding members led to a discussion, and then some ideas, and then ultimately to more members of the founding team. The group then approached one of the true legends in physician placement for whom they had worked previously, Joe Hawkins. With Joe’s blessing and endorsement, Consilium Staffing was born.

The Holstein cow mailbox.

Symbolic, on many levels as to the start of Consilium Staffing. And yet functional too, as this was the very first mailbox of Consilium Staffing when the company opened its doors for business in Valley View, Texas (population 757).

Consilium n. Plan, Purpose, Wisdom, Consultation, Advice Consilium delivers the expertise required to meet the needs of healthcare organizations and providers across the country. We have the industry experience necessary to be a vital partner and staffing solution to fight the challenging shortage of today’s healthcare workforce.

Our purpose is a commitment to serve.

Our commitment is to glorify God through our faith, honesty and integrity. With Him we will build a healthcare staffing company focused on exceptional service to our clients, our providers and each other, placing their needs above our own.

For the founding owners and current partners, our faith and our purpose are intertwined with Consilium, but that may not be the case for you. And that’s OK. So while we do expect each team member of Consilium to strive to live up to our values, it is not a requirement that you adopt our purpose as yours. We offer our purpose statement to you in hopes that it helps you understand why Consilium exists in the first place, as well as the Biblical origin of our values.

Our values inspire us each day.

Our commitment is to glorify God through our faith, honesty and integrity. With Him we will build a healthcare staffing company focused on exceptional service to our clients, our providers and each other, placing their needs above our own.


We must take ownership for our careers, our own success, and for the collective success of Consilium. We must all be accountable for our own actions. We will make mistakes. And when we do, we will acknowledge them and learn from them. We will make commitments, and we will do all that we can to meet these commitments. In everything we do, we will Own It!


We are a company made up of individuals committed to giving their best every day and in every way. In doing so, we become the best version of ourselves and push Consilium to be the best company in our industry. We compete. We push ourselves. We challenge one another. We aspire to be the best in all that we do.

Growth Driven

We are driven. We are committed to growth. We strive for constant improvement. Consilium will invest in the growth of each individual. And each individual will invest in the growth of Consilium. Each day we push to be better than the day before. Together we all improve. Incremental and consistent growth will achieve tremendous results.


Do the right thing. Always. A simple idea, and yet we will be challenged. We will be tempted. But doing the right thing is never wrong. At times we will have to help one another. At times we will make mistakes. In all times we will strive to do what is right.

Servant Spirit

We believe that we are here to serve. We are here to serve our clients, our providers and one another. In doing so we will inspire and challenge others to grow and to become more than they were before. Our servant spirit feeds our other values and creates a community and environment of success.


Passion is strong. It is intense. It is zealous. To be successful we must feel and exhibit a passion for what we do. Our individual passion may not be exactly the same, but we must each feel a passion in some way. It may be a passion to serve our Purpose Statement. It may be a passion to serve our clients. It may simply be a passion to succeed. It may be a passion to provide for your family. Or it may be a passion for that which success at Consilium affords you an opportunity to do. To be successful, we must be passionate. We will love what we do, and do what we love.


Love can be many things and be present in many ways. Agape love is an action – it shows up in how we treat others. At Consilium we love all. We encourage, accept, and respect differences. And it shows as we strive to live out the golden rule each and every day. Love is the cornerstone of all of our other values. Sometimes love is a Passion for what we do. Sometimes Love is tough-love through Accountability. Sometimes Love shows in actions demonstrating a Servant Spirit. In any form, Love is always good.


Avg Hours Worked

A locum tenens provider working with Consilium Staffing can expect to stay busy.


Hours Worked

Communities needs were met by the selfless acts of front line providers around the country.

Consilium cares to ensure community needs are met.


Consilium Cares is the dedicated philanthropic initiative of Consilium Staffing, providing an opportunity for employees to serve others and give back to the community in which they live.

Our company donates time and resources to a number of different organizations, including the following:

  • Children’s Health, the 7th largest pediatric hospital in the nation. Events we have participated in include the hospital’s annual Holiday Parade, Red Balloon Run & Ride, Christmas is For Children Radiothon, Jeans Fundraisers and providing Godly Play Folders.
  • North Texas Food Bank, a non-profit relief organization, who in fiscal year 2014, provided access to some 62 million meals for hungry children, seniors and families through their network.
  • Carter BloodCare, a non-profit provider of blood components and transfusion services for North, Central, and East Texas.

By partnering with these organizations, and many others, we not only make a positive impact in our community, but we are also reminded of our larger purpose. We learn what it means to be a steward, to be selfless, to have humility, and together we experience the joy of our calling.

Through our accomplishments in the name of Consilium Cares, we embody the difference that is Consilium Staffing.

Are you looking for a company that gives back as you put in?