About Consilium

Valley View mailbox where we started

The Holstein cow mailbox. Symbolic, on many levels as to the start of Consilium Staffing. And yet functional too, as this was the very first mailbox of Consilium Staffing when the company opened its doors for business in Valley View, Texas (population 757).

Consilium was founded by six healthcare staffing industry leaders, who until a chance meeting between two of the individuals, were all headed in different directions. Four of the members had left the industry altogether: one running his own consultancy, another practicing law, and two more running an investment office. Another was still in the industry, but then looking to make a career change; and the last was toiling away in her current position searching for a better purpose.

The chance meeting between two of the founding members led to a discussion, and then some ideas, and then ultimately to more members of the founding team. The group then approached one of the true legends in physician placement for whom they had worked previously, Joe Hawkins.  With Joe’s blessing and endorsement, Consilium Staffing was born.  

The vision of this new company was simple, to create a better locum tenens experience to meet the escalating demands of an evolving healthcare system. The founding partners believed that an increasing physician shortage, exasperated by healthcare reform, provided an opportunity to offer a better locum tenens solution; one based on customer service and attention to detail. To achieve these results the company would start with simple, old-fashioned values: hard work, family, personal attention and faith. The goal was to create a company focused on service, with meaning and opportunity for its team members. The people of Consilium would be dedicated to serving their clients, their community, and one another.

These industry leaders who had built highly successful careers would take this shared vision for something better and start their careers over, in Valley View, Texas of all places. Though maybe not fully appreciated at the time, this humble venue was the perfect place to start Consilium. The small-town personal service and charm; the solid work ethic of ranch-hands; the integrity found in a place where a handshake is your word; the comforting and inviting experience of everyone in town knowing your name. That is the kind of experience Consilium was founded on and continues to work to bring to the locum tenens industry: a small-town feel, but with big time experience and big time capabilities.

We have not forgotten our beginnings, and we have the Holstein cow mailbox to prove it. We replaced it with a new one so that we could bring the cow mailbox with us as we moved into our new corporate headquarters in Irving, Texas. The mailbox sits in our office today and serves as a reminder of where we started and more importantly, why we started.