Try Locum Tenens in 2024: Top In-Demand Specialties

Reflecting on the landscape of healthcare over the past 12 months has revealed several projections for the locum tenens industry in the coming year. According to Consilium Staffing’s “Locum Tenens in Healthcare Organizations” Survey for 2023, there are several medical specialties that stand out as top in-demand fields. If you fall under one of these specialties, it might be worth it to consider trying locum tenens in 2024.

1. Psychiatry: Communities Addressing Mental Health Needs

With an increasing focus on mental health, psychiatrists are at the forefront of medical specialties in demand. Our survey revealed that nearly 40% of respondents required locum tenens psychiatrists to fill gaps in healthcare during 2023. Here’s a benefit that one of our psychiatrists experienced this past year in a locum assignment. Dr. Ralph, who took an assignment in Michigan stated, “My recruiters listened to my preferences and identified practice opportunities that aligned exactly with what I was looking for.”

2. Pediatrics: Nurturing the Future

The healthcare organization survey reported that 22% of respondents needed the use of locum providers for pediatrics in the past year. This data correlates with the projections of pediatric demands highlighted in the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) report from 2020. Dr. Lucase, a pediatrician shared, “It’s just been a wonderful experience, and I wish more physicians would know about locum tenens opportunities.”

3. Hospitalist: Providing Specialized Inpatient Care

Hospitalists, the dedicated physicians overseeing inpatient care, ranked third in demand, with 14% of respondents requiring their services to fulfill continuity of care in their facilities. The dynamic nature of hospitalist work makes locum tenens an attractive option for those looking to contribute to the ever-changing landscape of hospital medicine.

4. Emergency Medicine: Meeting Urgent Needs

Emergency Medicine remains a critical specialty, securing the fourth spot in demand. Nearly 10% of all facilities responded with a demand for locum tenens physicians to fill this gap. The unpredictability of patient inflow and the need for immediate care make locum tenens physicians invaluable assets to hospitals and clinics, as highlighted by the survey’s findings.

The Consilium Staffing survey indicates a growing reliance on locum tenens physicians to meet the evolving demands of healthcare organizations. With approximately 70% of respondents expressing their intention to maintain or increase their use of locum tenens agencies in the next 12 months, the stage is set for healthcare professionals in Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Hospitalist, and Emergency Medicine to explore the fulfilling opportunities that locum tenens roles present in 2024. Embrace the flexibility, diverse experiences, and the chance to make a meaningful impact on patient care by considering locum tenens as part of your professional journey in the coming year.

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